Top 10 Reasons to book a Serviced Apartment

At Glasgow City Flats we had a hard time summarising the list into just 10 reasons but we gave it a shot:

  1. Space, space and more space – on average 30% more than a hotel room
  2. Fully equipped kitchens – all our apartments are complete with oven/hob/microwave/fridge/freezer and much more
  3. Value – most people don’t realise the nightly rate reduces by up to 40% for longer stays
  4. Flexibility – need to conduct a business meeting? Invite a colleague for dinner? You choose how to utilise the apartment to fit your needs
  5. Privacy – once your checked in, you don’t need to speak with anyone unless you want to. Weekly housekeeping means you are not disturbed so often
  6. Savings – imagine cooking in your apartment instead of dining out every night. Healthier for you and your company expenses
  7. Free WiFi – without logging in to a hotel’s website each time you want to access the internet!
  8. Parking – many apartments have on-site parking and this an often be negotiated into the nightly rate
  9. Choice – how many bedrooms do you need? Multiple bedroom apartments provide great savings for companies but allow families to economise also
  10. Comfort – we like to feel a sense of home even when away. People become quickly attached to their new interim home much more than in hotels



Two bedrooms with private parking
Designer beds, en-suite bathrooms, wall mounted TV sets, free WiFi
Modern Kitchen with fully integrated appliances
Modern Kitchen with fully integrated appliances
Luxurious dining table and chairs
Luxurious dining table and chairs

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